Wearing The Inside On The Out: Dark Romantic, Gothic and Faerie Clothing Since 1998

"Rose Mortem" the fashion label was created in 1998 when I first began designing clothing professionally and launched my online label. My name is Rose, and I personally designed and created every item you see in my collection. With my friends Jayme and Merlin, we hand-cut and sew every item for every client.

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I absolutely love my clients; they're some of the most inspiring, beautiful and interesting people I could have imagined knowing. There is often a story behind each of my designs - a song, a book, a painting, a person - each design has its own source of inspiration. Over the years I've also learned that most of my clients have a story to tell, too - a reason they are placing their order, a reason that particular design speaks to them so personally. When I began my company, I didn't realize designing clothing could be so magical - I thought I was the only one this intrigued by telling a story with clothing. After doing this for more than fifteen years, it is that magic that has kept me inspired, motivated and caring.

I think of my work as "dark romantic couture" because I've always been inspired by the art and writings of romanticism...I heard a song called "The Dark Romantics" by a band called The Awakening a very long time ago that prompted my taking those words as my company's tag line. In an amazing turn of events, eleven years later I ended up meeting the man who wrote and performed that song; we fell in love at first sight and have been married since 2009. For that reason, among many more, I am convinced that faerie tales absolutely do come true. If you would like to see us along with some Rose Mortem designs, do watch:

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I love to create works inspired by the romantics, by beautiful faerie and the enchanting, elegantly gothic. Over the years my label has been featured in publications around the globe; I continue to release new designs often, streamlining the current selection to reflect a variety of ideas from past and present inspirations, which are usually musical or literary.

As a pianist and compulsive music lover, music remains my most essential inspiration today - this inspiration has resulted in creations that, I hope, feel like the music that has played such an important role throughout my life.

Today I continue to tour with my husband Ashton, expand my fashion line, and write. I also work as a coach and consultant on organizational behavior, emotional intelligence and creative leadership, with a focus on the software development community. When I am not doing all of these wonderful things, I predominantly reside in the US with my family and two rather ferocious house cats. Be warned, they'll take your arm off. The cats, I mean. ;)

Thank you so much for reading our story - I truly look forward to creating with you.


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